This Act applies to Alberta. The table of contents is listed below to provide an overview of what the Act contains. The URL is provided so you can view the entire Act if you wish.

Copyright 2007: Queen’s Printer


Table of Contents

Part 1
Definitions and Application

                1       Definitions

                2       Application

Part 2
Personal Directives

                3       Who can make a personal directive

                4       Personal directive by dependent adult

                5       Requirements of personal directive

                6       More than one personal directive

             6.1       Form of personal directive

                7       Contents of personal directive

             7.1       Public Guardian as agent

             7.2       Registration of information

             7.3       Directive made outside Alberta

                8       Revoking a personal directive

                9       Bringing personal directive into effect

              10       Personal directive ceases to have effect

           10.1       Determination of regained capacity

Part 3

              11       Effect of agents decisions

              12       Limitations on agents authority

              13       Duty to consult

              14       Agents authority

              15       Limitation on authority

              16       More than one agent

              17       Duty to keep records

              18       Remuneration

Part 4
Service Providers

              19       Providing services

              20       Authority to provide service

              21       Continuing duty to consider capacity

              23       Duty to verify matters

              24       Providing emergency medical services

Part 4.1
Public Guardian

           24.1       Delegation by Public Guardian

           24.2       Complaints to Public Guardian

           24.3       Investigation by Public Guardian

           24.4       Powers of Public Guardian after investigation

           24.5       Collection and disclosure of information

           24.6       Notification of authorities

Part 5
Court Review

              25       Application

              26       Service of originating notice

              27       Decision of Court

Part 6
Liability and Protection

              28       Protection from liability

              29       No disentitlement

Part 7

              30       Information

       31, 32       Offence

              33       Regulations

              34       Lieutenant Governor in Council regulations