This Act applies to British Columbia. The table of contents is listed below to provide an overview of what the Act contains. The URL is provided so you can view the entire Act if you wish.


Copyright (c) Queen's Printer,
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Representation Agreement Act

[RSBC 1996] CHAPTER 405

Part 1 — Introductory Provisions
 Purpose of this Act
 Presumption of capability
Part 2 — Parties, Terms, Formalities and Registration
 Who can make an agreement
 Alternate representatives
 Standard provisions
 Test of incapability for standard provisions
 Other provisions
 9.1 Duration and exercise of authority
 10 Test of incapability for other provisions
 11 Mental health decisions
 12 Monitors
 13 Form, signing and witnessing of agreements
 14 Not in Force
 15 When agreements become effective
Part 3 — Duties, Powers and Liability of Representatives and Monitors
 16 Duties of representatives
 17 Power to retain services
 18 Rights of representatives to information
 19 Agreements made by representatives
 19.1 Resignation of representatives and alternate representatives
 20 Duties and powers of monitors
 21 Replacement or removal of monitors
 22 Duty to keep information confidential
 23 Liability of representatives
 24 If authority is exercised when agreement is not effective or valid
 25 Liability of monitors
 26 Payment and expenses
Part 4 — Changing, Revoking or Ending Agreements
 27 Changing or revoking agreements
 28 Automatic cancellation of financial, business or asset provisions
 29 When agreements come to an end
Part 5 — Objections, Investigations and Assistance
 30 Objecting to agreements, changes or revocations
 31 Investigations by the Public Guardian and Trustee
 32 Court orders
 33 Costs of applications to court
 34 Advice and assistance for representatives
Part 6 — General Provisions
 35 Legal proceedings
 36 Agreement does not deprive adult of power to act
 37 Supreme Court jurisdiction
 38 Not in Force
 39 Pre-existing agreements
 40–41 Not in Force
 42 Power to make regulations
 43 Offence
 44 Spent
 44.1 Transitional — Adult Guardianship Statutes Amendment Act, 2001
 45 Commencement