Free Assignment of Lease Form 

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                                                ASSIGNMENT OF LEASE


                For good and valuable consideration, receipt of which is

        hereby acknowledged, _____________________, as Tenant,

        ______________________ as Landlord, and _____________________ as

        Assignee, hereby agree to the following assignment of lease:


                Tenant hereby assigns, transfers and conveys to Assignee

        all his rights and interests under a certain lease dated

        ______________,19__["Lease"] (a copy of which is annexed hereto)

        by and between the Tenant and Landlord for the premises described




                This assignment shall remain in full force and effect

        from _______________________ for all the remainder of the lease

        term, subject to all conditions, including payment of rents, all

        covenants, conditions and terms of the within Lease.


                The Landlord's assent to the assignment of said Lease

        shall not discharge Tenant of its obligations under the Lease in

        the event of breach by the Assignee.


                This agreement shall inure to be benefit of and be

        binding on the parties hereto, their heirs, successors and














        Assented to:           _______________________________