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                                                    BULK SALES AFFIDAVIT



        State of _________________________________


        County of ________________________________




                ____________________________, of lawful age, being first

        duly sworn, on oath states:








                That he is the Seller in that certain contract for the

        sale of assets dated ___________,19__ between himself, as Seller,

        and ___________________ as Buyer;


                That this Affidavit is made pursuant to the terms and

        provisions of the Uniform Commercial Code and is furnished to the

        above named Buyer in connection with the sale and transfer

        described and referred to in the above mentioned contract;


                That the following is a true, complete and accurate list

        of all of the creditors of affiant and of all persons who, to the

        knowledge of affiant, assert or have claimed to assert one or

        more claims against affiant, together with the correct business

        addresses of each such creditor or claimant and the amounts due

        and owing to such creditors and claimants, to wit:


           Name of          Business        Amount         Admitted or

           Creditor         Address         Of Claim       Disputed


        1.____________      ___________     ___________    ______________


        2.____________      ___________     ___________    ______________


        3.____________      ___________     ___________    ______________






                SUBSCRIBED and sworn to before me this _______ day of

        _________, 19__.



                                                Notary Public



        My commission expires:



        [Notarial Seal]