Free Independent Contractor Agreement Form 

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                AGREEMENT, dated ___________,19__ between

        _________________________(hereinafter "the Corporation") and

        _________________________(hereinafter "the Independent



                Now, therefore, the parties hereto agree as follows:


                1.  EMPLOYMENT.  The Corporation shall employ the

        Independent Contractor, and the Independent Contractor shall

        serve the Corporation upon the terms and conditions hereinafter

        set forth.


                2.  TERM AND EXTENSION.  The employment of the

        Independent Contractor hereunder shall commence on

        ______________, 19__ and shall continue to and including

        _________________________.  Subject to this Agreement continuing

        in full force and effect to and including

        __________________________________, the Independent Contractor

        shall have the right and option to continue this Agreement

        hereunder for an additional period commencing

        ____________,19___ and ending_________,19__ by giving the

        Corporation written notice not later than___________,19__ of his

        intentions to do so, and upon his exercising such option, all of

        the terms and conditions of this Agreement applicable thereto

        shall continue in full force and effect for such additional



                3.  DUTIES.  During the period or periods of his

        employment hereunder, the Independent Contractor shall serve the

        Corporation and shall perform any and all general _________

        services for residential property required or requested in

        connection with their business.  Within the limitations

        hereinabove provided, the Independent Contractor will render such

        other advisory services in connection with the ________ services

        of the Corporation as may be requested from time to time by the

        officers or directors of the Corporation, without further

        compensation other than that for which provision is made in this



                4.  TIME REQUIREMENTS.  The Independent Contractor shall

        devote during the period ending ____________,19__ not more than

        ______% of his entire time, energy, and skill to the duties of

        his employment hereunder and shall periodically, or at any time

        upon the request of the Corporation, submit data as to the time



                5.  COMPENSATION.  The Corporation shall pay to the

        Independent Contractor for his services sums in the aggregate

        amounting to $_______ or ______% per ____________ project, during

        the period of his employment hereunder.  Such aggregate sums

        shall be paid upon satisfactory completion of any

        ______________________ project and from the proceeds received

        from the client for whom ___________________ services are




        Independent Contractor agrees hereby to indemnify and hold

        harmless the Corporation from any and all claims by the

        Independent Contractor which may arise out of and in the course

        of the performance of his duties hereunder.  Any and all claims

        for unemployment benefits and or claims for workers' compensation

        benefits are hereby expressly waived by the within Independent

        Contractor  who agrees to maintain separate policies of

        liability, health, and accident insurance as may be necessary or

        required by the Corporation in connection with the performance of

        its duties herein.


                7.  RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN PARTIES.  The Independent

        Contractor is employed by the Corporation only for the purposes

        and to the extent set forth in this Agreement, and his relation

        to the Corporation shall, during the period or periods of his

        employment and services hereunder, be that of an independent

        contractor.  The Independent Contractor shall be free to dispose

        of such portion of his entire time, energy, and skill during

        regular business hours as he is not obligated to devote hereunder

        to the Corporation in such manner as he sees fit and to such

        persons, firms, or corporations as he deems advisable.  The

        Independent Contractor shall not be considered as having an

        employee status or as being entitled to participate in any plans,

        arrangements, or distributions by the Corporation pertaining to

        or in connection with any insurance, pension, stock, bonus,

        profit-sharing, or similar benefits for their regular employees.


                8.  PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY.  Nothing in this

        Agreement shall be construed to interfere with or otherwise

        affect the rendering of services by the Independent Contractor in

        accordance with his independent and professional judgment.  The

        Independent Contractor shall perform his services in a good and

        workmanlike manner and in accordance with generally accepted

        ________________ practices.


                9.  ENTIRE AGREEMENT.   The within Agreement shall be

        construed in accordance with _______________________(State) law

        and shall constitute the entire Agreement between the parties.


                In witness whereof, _____________________________ has

        caused this Agreement to be executed in its corporate name by its

        corporate officers, and _______________________________, the

        Independent Contractor hereunder, has set his hand and seal, as

        of this day and year first above written.